Norton’s Notes


After having taken the Rowan County area by storm, many locals have wondered about the recent whereabouts of Norton Dorton. The inspiration to all has not been seen in nearly two months.

Suspicion has surfaced that Norton has ran afoul of many of his local fans because of a recent contract agreement with Little Debbie snack cakes. Dorton had secured a full time sponsorship valued in the eight figure range, behind only those of Stephen Curry and Lebron James.

The popular snacks, including many favorites such as the peanut butter cakes, have increased in price from 50 cent to $1 each. Loyal fans have asked why? SRR members have noticed that no Little Debbie snacks have been offered recently at local races. Is it any surprise that some have said, “What’s up?”

Here is the company’s response: There is no correlation between recent short term financial concerns at one of the world’s most popular snack makers and supporter of top athletes.

Due to the size of Dorton’s contract and other specific add-ons, many have speculated that the price increases were required to offset his demands. There is no truth to the rumor, none at all. None at all!

Norton Dorton said, “While I am the people’s athlete, still a man has to feed his family! The cost of milk has gone up. The cost of sponsoring a world class athlete has too!”

If anyone sees SRR’s most famous member, ask him. Rumors have surfaced that he is currently vacationing in Russia with his wife, Ludmilla.


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