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Spring is coming to a close and summer is just a few days away. Just the morning of this writing, the humidity was so oppressive that the sweating from my run continued for another 20 minutes. That’s OK though because I had a good excuse that my five-mile time trial was just a little off. But in the long run, who cares? I had a good run and feel great afterwards!

By the time that you get this, SRR will already have been involved on June 3rd with the Historic Badin Triathlon and the Carolina Care 5K in Charlotte. The last local race before spring closes out is the Main Street Challenge 5K in China Grove on Friday night, June 9th. It is the largest race in the county and has a fantastic fast course. Just one turn at the turnaround and not a real hill on the course. Best thing is that runners and walkers of all abilities enjoy the event held on a closed Main Street. Newsletter editor Aaron Crowe manages this event and does the same great job with both things. The race benefits YMCA programs.

As the schedule slows down over the summer, we skip all the way to July 1st and Luann Fesperman’s Shiloh Missions 5K in Faith. This race is part of the Faith Fourth of July celebration and goes to benefit the church’s mission programs. Luann supports SRR and other charities through her efforts at The Trophy House.

Last for July is Steve Clark’s 20th Annual Run for the Greenway 5K. Next to Winter Flight, this is the oldest race around. Proceeds go to benefit the greenway expansion. I heard some good news on this subject the other day. Every additional completed section is a huge benefit to the city and there is progress on a pending extension. Steve’s hobby is nutrition and he’ll make sure that participants have plenty of healthy options (and more than a few others) for food after the event. Looking forward, our next Beginning Runners Class is set for starting on September 7th at the hospital. Already, we have received inquiries about the class and it is hard to believe that the end of summer will be here so quickly.

My next cycling adventure begins on June 11th with a flight and long bus ride to Anacortes, Washington. I’ll be gone until late July, not sure of the exact date yet. I plan to end up in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area after a visit to Lake Superior. 45 total states, all five Great Lakes and a second trip to Canada are the goals that I hope to have reached once this trip is completed. In the meantime, Steve Clark will get use of the club’s jet and sports car, along with the responsibility to provide commentary as Laurie Ward writes the opening message for the July newsletter.

Generating a lot of excitement for the club is the Chamber of Commerce Dragonboat competition that will be held on July 29th. Laurie Ward and Brooke Taylor have been heading up the effort to field a very competitive team, the SRRius Waverunners.

SRR just gave $2,500 to Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society from the Bare Bones 5K proceeds. Our reach to others in the community continues and a list of charities supported is available on the club website.

Often, I include motivational quotes to close out this message. Usually, I use one that I have recently run across. Just this morning, I found a group of fantastic quotes that have amazed me. Here is one of my favorites, pertinent to my upcoming bike ride. “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. Don’t know where I am going, but I am on my way.” Martin Buber See you in late July. Enjoy your own journeys in the meantime! 

David Freeze

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