SRR Board Meeting Minutes

SRR Board Meeting Minutes


The August board meeting was convened at 6 p.m. with David Freeze, Steve Clark, Richard Taylor, Wanda Parks, Brooke Taylor, Wayne Crowder, Laurie Ward and Tim Safrit attending.

David welcomed everyone.

The financial report was shared with all present. Currently, the balance for SRR is $19,567.26.

Wanda Parks gave the membership report stating that there are currently 160 members, having gained thirteen new members since our last meeting. We purged 45 who had not renewed their membership.

Upcoming races discussed included:

Erwin Middle School 5k (September 23): We will time this event. Allison Dupree is the race director, and numbers may not be as large as originally expected.

VAEA 5k (October 7): we will time.

Livingstone Cross Country Meet (October 13): 4 p.m. race to be held at Salisbury Community Park; we will time; need 4 members to help.

Food Lion 6k (October 14): 80/20 chance we will not be involved with this race; pending a final decision.

Gold Rush 5k (October 21): held in Gold Hill and includes the rail trail; first time race; we will time. This is potentially a successful race.  

St. Matthews 5k (October 28): race director got a late start; not totally planned. We will time.

Spooky Sprint 5k (October 29): Catawba College at 2 p.m. We will time.

Clean Water 5k (November 4): Pam Roseman is race director; this race includes a beginning runners group from Grace Lutheran Church; we will time.

Butterball 5k (November 23): this race is tied in with the remodel at the Forum. We will time.

SRR Santa Run 5k (December 2): We are looking for ideas to increase participation. We also discussed charging non-runners for pancakes vs. asking for donations. We will time.

Girls on the Run 5k (December 9): Held at Salisbury Community Park. We will set up and run clocks (not a timed race).

The balance for the Weatherford account is approximately $6000.00. We have funded requests to provide handicap beach chairs for five beach municipalities, at a cost of $2000.00-$2500.00 each. In addition, a $500.00 donation was made to each of two riders in the MS bike ride.

The next Ordinance meeting in Salisbury will be held in two weeks. The consensus seems to be that for events of 500 runners or less, one officer would be required, at a cost of $60.00.

Winter Flight is scheduled for January 28, 2018. We are needing additional sponsors. Each board member will be expected to bring on at least one new sponsor. David will be sending out sponsorship agreements.

The board discussed finding a smaller room for the Winter Flight annual meeting. David feels that a smaller venue would allow everyone to hear better and not feel so cavernous. Laurie and David will scope out possibilities.

In new business, Tim contacted members of the Pedal Factory concerning a “Learn to Ride” event for Salisbury. The Pedal Factory has several bicycles that would serve our purpose well, and the YMCA has offered their track in Salisbury as a possible venue. Tim will coordinate with Parks and Rec, the Y, the Pedal Factory and possibly Skinny Wheels Bike Shop to look at dates in early spring.

The next board meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 11 at 6 p.m., at IHOP.

With no other new business, the meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

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