SRR Board Meeting Minutes

SRR Board Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Luann Fesperman


The SRR Board Members did not meet Wednesday due to conflicts. Below are items of interest.

Brooke reported, SRR has $1,745.81on hand as of February 28, 2019. We still have not received Novant’s sponsorship, David will check on this.

Brooke will get with Wanda and Harriet to discuss adding Paypal to our website and how this will work for the club.

Upcoming races:

March 23rd – Lamb 5K, Mooresville. SRR will time this race.

March 30th – Mt Hope Church 5K at Salisbury Community Park, SRR will time this race.

David informed the board (through email):

Special Olympics is coming up on April 16th. Lyn Boulter, Tisha Goodwin and I met with Jesse Byrd and we had to make some compromises in SRR’s approach to timing the running events. If you are not already volunteering for this and can do it, we would love to have you. The club will make a big effort to have at least 15 people at the event.

We are still planning to help with the next bicycle workstand, however it cannot be put at Rowan Helping Ministries due to a rule in place discouraging anyone coming to the property after hours.

BRC is off and running with a good group. Small but interesting. We will get a final count next week.

Steve is still working on the final dates for RHM meal serving.

Board member jackets are being printing.

Thank you/ tax donation letters for Winter Flight have been mailed or hand delivered.

The board agreed to donate $400 to the Love Thy Neighbor 5K & 10K races and events at Concordia Lutheran Church. This event benefits a new recipient each year and SRR provides the clock.

Special Olympic Torch Run from Lieutenant Patrick Smith;

The Torch for the Special Olympics is scheduled to be handed off to our agency on Tuesday May 14th at S Main and Airport Rd.  The Torch will be handed to the Salisbury Police Department at approximately 10:00 A.M. by the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department.  Please let me know if you are interested in running in this event from Airport Rd.  to the City Limits of Spencer as we need as many representatives as possible.  You do not have to be LEO to run in this event but you must be LEO to carry the Torch.  In years past we have carried the Torch through Spencer stopping at the river where we hand the Torch to Lexington Police.  We will make the determination on the day of the event if we want to run the Torch through Spencer as well as Salisbury.  No one will be expected to do both if a few decide to run both legs of this event.  Please let me know by Wednesday May 1st if you are willing to participate in this event so I can plan accordingly. The pace will be slow (11:30 to 12:00 minute mile) and nobody is expected to run the entire event.  There will be transportation for those that need breaks as well as stops scheduled along the way.

Next meeting---April 10 5:45pm iHop

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