SRR Board Meeting Minutes

SRR Board Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Luann Fesperman


Board members attending: David Freeze, Steve Clark, Wayne Crowder, Patrick Smith, Wanda Parks, Brooke Taylor, Amanda Lewis, Teri Shaw, Luann Fesperman

David called the meeting to order at 5:50pm.

Wanda reported the membership is at 132, adding 2 new members since last meeting. She also reported that she has membership notices going out on constant contact. These follow an email notification.

Brooke reported the account balances, SRR has $13,152.10 on hand.

Patrick made a motion to round up the check payment to RHM for the Resolution 5K to $800. Teri seconded the motion and the motion was passed. This was in addition to the $335 already paid in cash. This was reported on the treasurer’s report as $135 but was corrected to $335.

Upcoming events:

January 25th – Let’s Ride Rowan – Halls Gym 2-4pm. Steve reported that the Pedal Factory picked this date and time.

January 25th – Annual SRR meeting – City Park building 6pm. Teri reported that most things are coming together. She wants to stuff bags on Friday, January 24th.

January 26th – Winter Flight 8K & 5K – Catawba College 2pm

February 15th– Valentine’s 5K - Cowan’s Ford. Steve and Amanda will head the group timing this race.

February 29th – Will Run for Food – Centenary Methodist

March 17th – Beginning Runners Class – Salisbury Police Department

Race bibs have been ordered for the 2020 races.

The City of Salisbury has requested our help on three events. This include:

  • A BRC for city employees
  • A possible race before the Thanksgiving parade.
  • A bike and running trail fundraiser for the Salisbury Community Park. Currently they plan a biathlon.

David reported that the newsletter readership has increased.

RRCA insurance and the Christmas Happiness Fund payments have been processed and received. David has a copy of the liability insurance certificate.

David and Wanda will work on the budget and have a report at the next meeting.

David reported that he is required by bylaws to send out a proposed list of officers and board members for a vote in January. He will do that ahead of the annual meeting. Any board member who does not want to continue to serve should make it known now.

David is mailing out SRR’s Relay for Life payment.

Winter Flight was discussed. Job assignments were given to each board member. The 8K and 5K will be chip timed, but the fun run will be clock timed by the SRR club. We need two water stops. This will be a very busy day with over 50 volunteers, plus police and fire working the event.

New business—Wayne wants to have enough volunteers on hand to time races so that those who want to can run them.

Next board meeting will be February 12th.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm.


Upcoming Calendar Events

26 January 2020
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15 February 2020
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29 February 2020
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