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Salisbury-Rowan Runners (SRR) is a non-profit running club in Salisbury, North Carolina organized solely for the benefit of area runners and walkers.

Purpose: To promote running and/or walking as a means of achieving physical and mental fitness; to provide support, encouragement and fellowship through individual, family and community involvement in running related events; to inform the public of the benefits of running/walking and to participate in community service activities.

General Information: Salisbury-Rowan Runners invites anyone with an interest in running/walking to become a member, whether a serious competitor, a casual jogger, a stroller, a race official, a volunteer or a spectator. Salisbury-Rowan Runners offers a place for every pace.

Salisbury, N.C. is a lovely historic city located 42 miles north of Charlotte, 39 miles southeast of Winston-Salem and 49 miles south of Greensboro. There are at least five running clubs in this 50-mile radius representing over 1,500 members.

Running has been an important part of the Salisbury – Rowan County community since the late 1970’s. The first race ever held in the Salisbury-Rowan County area was held on June 10, 1978 (Run For Your Heart 10K). Since that time, there have been too many races to count. One race, Salisbury Winter Flight, was originated in 1984 by Salisbury-Rowan Runners, and to date, remains a successful annual event.

The Salisbury-Rowan Runners Club exists to promote general fitness and health within our community by encouraging runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts.  Therefore, our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, support the running community and charitable causes by organizing, volunteering, and participating in running events in and around the Salisbury and Rowan County area.

2006 SRR Members Place

  • The weather was sunny and in the mid-40s for the 23rd annual Winter Flight 8K which differed from previous Winter Flights in two aspects.
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2005 Highlights

  • Winter Flight 2005, scheduled for Sunday, January 30th, had to be postponed due to snow.  The Saturday afternoon prior to the race was spent by SRR
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2004 – WF, Mileage Club and Another SRR Loss

  • Attendance was down at Winter Flight 2004, hurt somewhat by a snow storm the weekend prior to race day and by the SuperBowl on race day!  This was the
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2003 – Race Successes

  • SRR’s 2nd Annual Bare Bones Memorial Day Weekend 5K held on Saturday, May 24, 2003 at Catawba College, saw a significant increase in participation
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2003 – Race Challenges

  • A ‘behind the scenes’ challenge presented itself at South Rowan High School when previous bad weather forced RSS to hold school on Saturday morning,
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2002-2003 – 20th Annual Winter Flight

  • SRR provided race day registration and finish line/results for the 3rd straight year for the West Rowan YMCA Santa 8K held on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at
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2002 – Another Loss

  • SRR lost a long-time member and dear friend on September 1, 2002 when J. R. Ewing passed away at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
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2002 – More Changes

  • The Member of the Year Series was dissolved in February 2002 due to lack of interest/support.
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2001-2002 – Times of Uncertainty and Changes

  • The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, had an impact on sponsorship monies for Winter Flight 2002.  The uncertainties of the economy and talk of a
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2000-2001 – Winter Flight goes 21st Century

  • The first Winter Flight 2001 website went on-line in November 2000.  The first ever, on-line registration for Winter Flight 2001 was received on December 4,
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2001 – Supervised Walking Program Begins

  • SRR established a supervised walking program in June 2001, through a partnership between SRR and the Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department.
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2000 – SRR’s New Features

  • SRR went “on-line” with its first website in May 2000. URL address – www.geocities.com/salisburyrowanrunners.  Long time club member Judy Zirt was
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2000 – Telespectrum 5K

  • The 3rd Annual Telespectrum 5K was moved from Catawba College to Knox Middle School in July 2000 to allow participants to run / walk a completed portion of
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1998-2000 – New Races and New Records

  • SRR added two new races to its annual agenda: Telespectrum 5K (1998) & Run for Your Lungs 5K (1999). Both races started and finished on the Catawba
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1997-98 – Winter Flight Records Set

  • Spring-like weather greeted a crowd of over 800 runners/walkers at Winter Flight ‘97.
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1996 – Night Light Flight

  • SRR celebrated the Olympic Torch Run with a torch (or flashlight) run of their own, The Night Light Flight 5K run/walk held on Sunday, June 23, 1996, 8 PM at China Grove Middle School. Race director was Dick Franklin.
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1990-1996 – Mother Nature Strikes

  • The 1990 Coors Winter Flight was dedicated to the memory of long-time SRR club member, Don Henderson.
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1986-1990 – Many Changes

1984 – Winter Flight sets record in Rowan


  • The Winter Flight Road Race was reborn  on January 29, 1984. It consisted of 5 and 10-mile races, along with a 1-mile fun run. It was the largest and most
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1981 – The 1st Winter Flight

  • In 1981, the club directed a race called the Miller Lite Winter Flight which included a 5K, 10K, and 1-mile fun run. Over 320 runners participated. Chuck Cooper was race director.
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1980 – The Greater Salisbury Track Club

  • Salisbury-Rowan Runners first organized in March 1980 as the Greater Salisbury Track Club.


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