President’s Message

DavidFreezeY-TrailDoes it seem like we didn’t have a real spring in 2020? Our racing and other events hit the skids early in March and other activities went downhill for the rest of the year. I felt like we skipped spring and all the wonderful events that SRR usually participates in.

And now March 2021 is here. Prospects look much better for the rest of the year. SRR had
a decent Resolution 5K, this time with winter conditions. We followed that with another phenomenal Winter Flight event on the prettiest day in February and at one of the prettiest locations. And just last week, the Will Run for Food 5K had its biggest event ever. The bar is high so far and I’m optimistic we can return to normal by mid-year.

Realistically, we have only one March 5K on the calendar, the always well-done Mt. Hope
5K on March 27th at Salisbury Community Park. The common thread for discussion so far
this year was that runners and walkers at races were glad to be back out at an event. And
so far, those participants have been great about following the coronavirus guidelines. I
don’t expect that to change as long as there is a need to do so, but less restrictions should
be just around the corner.

High school and college spring sports are going forward with fans. So are professional
sports. Personally, nothing is better than opening the sports page or reading a long list of
games being played. March should bring the weather that helps us enjoy all these outdoor
spring sports.

SRR’s Annual Meeting is this Saturday, March 6th at City Park in Salisbury. Some would
say we had less to celebrate about 2020 than most other years, but I believe that we
learned not to take so many things for granted. A whole gamut of serious and light-hearted
things were missed. Our annual meeting will remember the accomplishments, some different but many the same and maybe all were even greater accomplishments.

By the time you read this newsletter, we’ll have sent out another constant contact or two,
and invited our membership to come have some old-fashioned fun on Saturday, March 6th
at City Park in Salisbury. I’m surprised how many folks didn’t know about prediction runs.
Every member of any age or gender will have an equal chance to win. Just run or walk your predicted time, that doesn’t seem so hard does it? But no watches and phones are allowed, and certainly no digital timing clocks will be running. Figure the pace with your head only! Get closest to your predicted time and you will win a new pair of running shoes from Ralph Baker Shoes. But to win, you have to compete! Seems like a famous person said that one day.

Mileage club and all SRR’s major yearly awards will be given out in a brief meeting, with
plenty of pizza provided by the club. Maybe bananas and water too!

The annual meeting starts at 10am with the Prediction Run, the awards and pizza follow
about 11am and we are all done as soon as you want to be after about 11:30. Enjoy the
newly remodeled City Lake Park afterwards. Just casual, with a few laughs and maybe a
surprise or two as well.

Our 16th Annual Beginning Runners Class kicks off on March 16th at 6pm. I’m always excited about offering such a wonderful way to encourage others to start the best wellness
activity imaginable. Still 8 weeks of 30 minutes classroom training and then to the streets
for distances starting at a half mile and increasing to 3.1 miles.

It’s really simple this month, the annual meeting, the BRC and the Mt. Hope 5K. Simple
things are best! Everybody is invited.

See you March 6th at the Prediction Run and on the roads anytime after!


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