President’s Message

   Already dealing with some of the warmest weather of the year, summer 2024 is well underway. SRR’s event schedule usually slims down during late June, July and August. But by no means will the club take it easy over this time when many of us struggle to maintain our running. I have always asked runners and walkers to just maintain their effort during the warm and humid longer days of summer.

    We have the Run for the Greenway ahead on July 20th at the Knox Middle School site. We’ll make the course, including the start and finish, as friendly as possible with a minor change. All proceeds benefit the continued greenway project. Knox is no longer usable so the race will start and end near Horizons Unlimited. Steve Clark is race director, meaning that post race refreshments are of legendary status.

    We will announce the date of an August prediction 5K soon. The SRR prediction run is all about fun and spending some time with other club members while testing yourself. Everyone starts by predicting a time and then without watches, phones or any time or distance measuring device, they run the course as they want. Easy or hard, it’s up to you. Particpants are left to measure their pace mentally and match it as closely as possible to their prediction. There will be nice door prizes and refreshments.

    September looks busy at this point with Hugh Bost Memorial 5K in Rockwell on the 7th, the Run for the Word in Landis on the 14th and the Race to the River on the 21st. We also start the fall BRC class on Thursday, September 5th.

    SRR continues to serve at Rowan Helping Ministries. Join us for a rewarding experience.

     For several reasons, SRR won’t participate as a team in the Chamber of Commerce Dragonboat Festival in July. This will break a streak of eight years with a usually competitive team. What happened? Several of the regulars had other legitimate things scheduled or rescheduled, then several others backed out at the last minute. The biggest reason on the list is that eligible active club members were down this year. Meaning club volunteer participation for the various events declined considerably leaving fewer members eligible to be on the boat. I am about to write the email that I dread to the chamber declining their invitation to participate. One dreadful comment that surfaced several times from members was, “I haven’t heard anything about the dragonboat.” Please read your newsletter each month, and next year we will post the date well ahead on the club calendar. Likely the dragonboat weekend will again be the last Friday and Saturday in July 2025, the 25th and 26th. Anyone interested can earn a spot with active participation throughout the year, and there is no cost to participants

    Don’t allow any wasted days, make them all count! Your world can change dramatically in seconds. And never take walking for granted!


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