SRR Board Meeting Minutes

SRR Board Meeting Minutes


Board members present—David Freeze, Steve Clark, Luann Fesperman, Amanda Lewis, Patrick Smith, Teri Shaw, Jasen Weber.  Absent—Karen Leonard

David called the meeting to order at 5:51pm and welcomed everyone.

Treasurer’s Report—Luann reported that SRR has net assets of $13,090.44. Total expenses for October were listed as $2005.18 with income listed as $2.240.40. At least one line item will be corrected.

Membership Report—Teri reports that SRR currently has 158 members. A handful are late on their September and October renewals.

Upcoming races- SRR will time all the following races.

Clean Water 5K—Saturday, Grace Lutheran Church.

GOTR Celebration and 5K—Sunday, Salisbury Community Park. SRR will measure and mark the course, put course cones out and time the community 5K portion of the race.

Butterball 5K—Thanksgiving morning, The Forum. This is likely to be Rowan’s biggest 5K or very close to it. May have to do it with limited PD involvement. Benefits Prevent Child Abuse Rowan.

Freeze Your Buns 5K—December 4, Spencer Winterfest—Patrick reports this is a new race and will be run at 2pm.

Santa Run (SRR)—December 11, Millbridge Ruritans. One of the oldest races around a wonderful community event. Benefits RHM. David will see if Wanda and Brent Parks CPA will provide pancakes again.

Resolution 5K (SRR)—January 1, The Forum. Low-key event to kick off the year. Benefits RHM.

Annual Meeting—January 29, City Park Building—Teri, Karen will head up. Club awards, pasta dinner, entertainment and late registration for Winter Flight. Starts at 6pm. David will contact Debbie Suggs about pasta dinner again. He will also contact Ralph Baker Shoes about having a bigger presence at the annual meeting.

Winter Flight 8K, 5K, Fun Run (SRR). NC’s best race, a distance for everyone. Benefits RHM.

Winter Flight topics discussed included:

Sponsor updates and ideas for more were discussed by all.

New Sarum will make Winter Flight the kickoff for their new brand name canned water. They will help us promote with several nearby brewery running clubs.

Catawba costs are $680 for the facility and maintenance this coming year. SRR will pay it.

Hoodie style and color were discussed. The board chose mint and gray as favorite options. David will pursue the possibilities.

Novant 2022—We hope to renew with Novant as primary sponsor. David will make the contact.

Race bibs 2022—Long-time supplier Electric City is no longer printing race bibs. SRR will have to find a new supplier and will hopefully finish out the 2021 with generic race bibs on hand.

Social media—Jasen bounced some ideas off the board. He and Patrick will work together to clear up the Facebook pages and boost Instagram.

New business—David mentioned that we needed to be more timely on securing RRCA insurance for the new year. This requires a final membership report on December 1. Teri will facilitate. David will apply for RRCA insurance with this information.

Next meeting—December 8

Adjourn—Meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm.

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