SSR Board Meeting Minutes

SRR Board Meeting Minutes

Salisbury Rowan Runners Board Meeting

April 10, 2024


Board members present: David Freeze, Steve Clark, Amanda Lewis, Tisha Corriher, Rebecca Parker, Connie Hoffner

Board members absent: Jasen Weber, Luann Fesperman

Welcome: Board meeting was called to order by David Freeze at 5:45p.

Treasurer’s report: Copies of Treasurer report were given out.  David reported that there was $22, 025.85 at end of March.

Membership report: Tisha reported there are currently 194 members with 15 members past due. 

Upcoming races and events:

Steve updated status of Knox races.  Demolition is completed with fence up.  The track cannot be used.  Race will be held on same course as last Fall’s race.  Bathroom facilities will be at Horizons  for  the next race.

Special Olympics:  Held on April 4 at Catawba.  April 10 at West Rowan High School was canceled due to weather. The rescheduled date is April 22.  SRR will time all running events.

One in 5K: April 13 by Family Crisis Council.

Teens With a Mission 5K: April 26 at First Presbyterian Church. Friday night race beginning at 7p.

Ed Dupree: May 18 at East Rowan.

Bare Bones: May 25.  Relay for Life Volunteers to assist.  Proceeds to Relay for Life.

Labor of Love 5K-Race cancelled. 

West Rowan Bible Teachers Association: Held April 6 at West Rowan Elementary School.  Raised $35,000. 

Spring Beginners Runner Class: Potential to graduate 12 participants. 

RMH Walking Class:  1 participant at present.

Winter Flight: 2 delinquent sponsors.  Have been contacted.  Tax donation letters to go out.

Follow up on David’s challenge:  David discussed updates on transition of SRR duties.  Special Olympics was coordinated by Tisha.  Social media outreach has potential for improvement.  Course measurement has opportunity for improvement.  Beginners Running Class has opportunity for improvement.  Board members were encouraged to investigate options to assist with these duties/responsibilities.

Next meeting: May 8. 

Adjourn:  Meeting was adjourned at 6:30p.

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