SSR Board Meeting Minutes

SRR Board Meeting Minutes


Board Members Present-David Freeze, Luann Fesperman, Amanda Lewis, Karen Leonard, Jasen Weber,  Steve Clark, Tisha Corriher. Absent-Connie Hoffner

David welcomed everyone to the November meeting at 5:45 p.m. David said it is the busiest time of the year for SRR. David asked for board members to ask questions if they do not understand the topics discussed.

Treasurer’s Report-Luann gave the October treasurer’s report. Balance on hand at present is $16,256.31. October’s income was $1,330.00 and expenses were $1,777.52.

Membership report (Tisha)-186 Total members. 171 current, and 15 expired memberships.

Upcoming races (David):

Clean Water 5K-November 12, At Grace Lutheran Church, same course. Not many signing up, need one more person to help.

Girls on the Run-November 13: Steve and David will measure and mark the course and along with Amanda will time community runners. 2:00 p.m. race.

Butterball 5K-Thanksgiving morning.  Need 3 others to help at table. Be there at 7:30 a.m.

Freeze your Buns-December 3 Wendy Barnhardt is race director. One sponsor paying for everything.

Santa Run-December 10-RHM has committee member who wants to be a sponsor again. Need volunteers. Will have music outside for the first time.

Resolution 5K-January 2nd. The Forum and SRR are both covering the insurance for the 9:00 a.m. race.


There have been a lot of changes with the City of Salisbury permitting races over the last few years. The permitting, beginning January 1st will be handled by the Fire Department. Teresa, with the City of Salisbury, will be training the FD on the permitting procedure on the Winter Flight and Resolution runs.

RCCA-Insurance- Tisha and David have been gathering information needed for RCCA Insurance.  Need to know how many in the household, how many SRR owned races as factors on how much we pay. Salisbury Rowan Runners owns four races that we need insurance for.

Self Defense Seminar-Everyone had fun and David has received many positive responses.  Thinking about doing another one in January. A newspaper write-up on the event should be in this week or Sunday’s paper.

Cones-Steve got a quote of 100 cones for $749. A motion was made to purchase the cones by LuAnn and was seconded by Karen. Motion passed unanimously. Steve will purchase the cones. It was mentioned that 1 to 2 large turnaround cones are needed. Steve will try to get two old ones from the city.

New shirt printer update: David continues to work with Campus Creations and has had correspondence with Peter from the former Vac and Dash about other options.  Working on the format needed to submit the logos for shirts to be printed at Campus Creations.

Winter Flight Update: February 5th.  David will send out registration flyer to Amanda for posting. RRCA NC State Championship designation applied for, check sent for Catawba rental. Shirt picked by Meredith Abramson is dark heather grey.  RHM will print brochure soon, so get sponsorships turned in to get into brochure. Steve is going to talk to Teri about sponsors she had for Winter Flight.

Annual Meeting February 4th. City Park building has been reserved. Still need keynote speaker, someone well-known or attached to Salisbury. Still need entertainment and photographer.

New Business: David is still working on jackets

Next Meeting: December 14th

Meeting was adjourned 7:05 p.m.

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